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So if you haven’t figured it out yet, this place is gorgeous. Seriously. As someone who firmly believes in staying in bed all day on the rare occasion that I’m not at work, I can honestly say I’d give up my bed to live in this place. It’s really that pretty.

The staff is super sweet. Really friendly and kind. I came here on my birthday and surprisingly the lady at the front shared my birthday. She was completely kind and professional the entire time. She immediately sat us in the seating area and offered us snacks and drinks while we filled out the paperwork. If you’ve never been to a spa it’s pretty typical to have to fill out a form. It provides a way for the employees to know what you want to focus on and what they should watch out for. The women who gave me a treatment was also very friendly and sweet. We talked about our plans for the fourth and our puppies. I felt very comfortable with her even though I was only wearing 2 towels and my underwear!

The treatment itself was not really as amazing as I hoped it would be. Keep in mind that it did everything I was told it would. It did remove dead skin cells and make my skin super soft. I just went in with a different expectation. The spa did everything they said they would. Basically I wanted a massage and got a scrub instead. Lol. This is my fault. But I do plan on returning very soon and I will get a massage or the mud wrap thingie. Not sure which one yet. But I love this place if it’s not obvious. And I would recommend it to a friend. To several friends.

Also I got a coconut lilac scrub type thing in case you were wondering. Something like that.

Erin M – July 17, 2015

This is a place of tranquility the minute you walk in the front door. The decor takes you to a feeling of being in a French Chateau. Amy and the staff are very friendly and professional. I liked the feeling of not being rushed to leave. Enjoying the relaxation after the wonderful spa treatments was great. The package treatments are worth the price.
Barbara K – September 16, 2015

Loved this place. From the minute you walk in, there’s a sense of relaxation. It is decorated beautifully. I’ve had several massages in different places but this was by far the best I ever had. My technician Esther was wonderful. I love when I find a place worth raving about.
Vanessa C – August 29, 2015

I could honestly rate this place easy 5 stars from the personnel to decorations. Unfortunately I didn’t get a massage so I can’t comment on that but with the smile on my lady’s face I assume it was hella good. Btw Amy the front desk lady is very friendly.
Lucy M – July 2, 2015

I could honestly rate this place easy 5 stars from the personnel to decorations. Unfortunately I didn’t get a massage so I can’t comment on that but with the smile on my lady’s face I assume it was hella good. Btw Amy the front desk lady is very friendly.
Adiabah K – June 12, 2015

This is the nicest spa in the area. I love the decor. The sitting area is truly relaxing – warm fireplace, comfy couch and chairs, wine being offered…. need I say more?
Amy, the owner, is always warm and welcoming. It’s as if she has invited you into her home. I’ve had massages, facials and mani/pedi’s here, and they were all wonderful.

Kate G – January 23, 2015

I’ve been hesitant to write this review because I don’t want the secret to get out. This spa is amazing! The decor is calming and elegant. The staff is friendly and informative. I went the morning of my birthday with a friend for massages and facials. I get massages pretty regularly and I’ve had a hard time finding someone who does it the way I like it. Finally! I’ve found the place. I even forced myself to stay awake so I could enjoy the entire massage. I did fall asleep during the facial but it was great for the time I was awake. It was an Awesome start to my bday!
Latasha M – April 20, 2015

Lovely place! I had an amazing and relaxing time at sufii spa. I enjoyed wine a massage and a facial.
Jazmin S – May 3, 2015

The Sufii Day Spa is a beautiful, relaxing spa, set up with European flair with ultra modern touches mixed in. When you walk in, you are greeted warmly and professionally by all the staff. I had a custom moisturizing facial (I’m from Colorado dry climate, and my skin soaked up everything!) with a Revitalight Photo Rejuvenation treatment. The Esthetician, Christina, was excellent! Two days later and back in Colorado my skin still feels terrific. As I left the room, the Esthetician provided me an refreshing glass of cool water served an high quality glassware, ( not a disposable plastic bottle). I then took a short break a relaxed in the charming sitting area, and was offered all forms of refreshments from coffee, tea and wine, as well as snacks. My last service was a traditional Swedish all body massage. The massage therapist Ashley, took her time asking about any areas of concern I had as well as asking about any body injuries or anything else she needed to be aware of prior to starting. I was in a car accident 2.5 years ago which resulted in a compressed cervical disk. The disk issue also cause muscle spasms / knots in my traps, scapula, deltoids, and rhomboid. She was very gentle when moving my neck, and effectively worked to make the problem muscle groups relax. Since this was a whole body, the balance of the massage was calming and relaxing. When done, I was provided with another refreshing glass of water while I relaxed in the sitting area.

The owner was on site and made sure every client was treated well, and every client was comfortable and healthy.

If I lived in the area I would definitely purchase a membership!

It’s my understanding that the business opened in the spring of 2014, the owner went all out to create an inviting, relaxing environment where one can forget about all the stresses in the world outside. I wish her, and her staff continued prosperity and success.

Debi D – October 31, 2014

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