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If you’ve never been to a spa before, you might be nervous because you don’t know what to expect. You are not alone, feeling nervous is a very common emotion when you are confronted with a new experience. However, this ultimate treat should be enjoyable. Therefore, we have answered some of the most common questions spa first-timers have, so that you can be ready to enjoy your first spa experience.

What should I do before and after a massage?

Before your massage there are a couple of things you should do. Prepare comfortable clothing to wear. Before your massage avoid heavy eating and drinking alcohol so that you are not uncomfortable during your massage. You also want to make a bathroom stop before the massage since massages stimulate your digestive system.

After a massage make sure to hydrate and eat lightly. You also want to relax, intense physical activity is not recommended because your muscles need to recover from the massage. A bath is a good activity to allow your body to relax. Stretching can also help attain longer lasting results from your massage.

How much is a good tip for a massage?

Tipping after a massage is proper spa etiquette. Before tipping, it is important to ask if the final bill includes gratuity. If it does not, the standard hospitality rate of 15-20% can still be used. If you are using a coupon for your massage, it is important to realize that the massage therapist is still doing the same job they would do without the coupon. Therefore the tip should be on the regular price.

What should I eat after a massage?

After a massage, you want to feel re-energized. Therefore, it is important to avoid heavy meals. A massage can also cause your blood pressure to drop since you are in a deep relaxation state. Therefore snacks and a light meal after a massage are important. An example of a light meal could be steamed vegetables over rice. You want to avoid consuming items with lots of caffeine because they will tense up your muscles.

What happens if you don’t drink water after a massage?

It is recommended to drink water after a massage because it will decrease the probability of soreness the next day. In addition, increased water intake will help finish the process of removing toxins from your body. This is because during a massage blood circulation and lymphatic circulation is increased. Your circulatory and lymphatic systems need water to fuel the removal of toxins. Without enough water, these processes won’t finish. This could lead to pain and fatigue after a massage due to the toxin build up.

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