Couples Services

All the services at Sufii Day Spa can be performed side by side upon request.

Bed of Roses Package For Two

Lay on a bed of roses and enjoy an unwinding 1 hour Tea rose massage for one followed by a 1 hour soothing Rose water pedicure, and hydrating Rose foot mask.

2 hr | $329


Couples Bamboo Massage

An exotic Southeast Asian sensation utilizing bamboo shoots of various sizes soaked in essential oils. Gentle strokes and friction will relieve muscle tension.

1 hr | $238    1.5 hr | $298


Fiji Pamper For Two

An exotic Southeast Asian Bamboo Massage followed by an Earth & Sea Body mud wrap with a hydrating Shea Butter body lotion.

1.5 hr | $329


Couples Lomi- Lomi Massage

A rich authentic experience of Hawaiian healing. During this traditional massage, warm oil is gently dripped down the back of the spine all the way to the toes leaving you in a state of balance, peace, and inner connection.

1 hr | $238    1.5 hr | $298


Waikiki For Two

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage followed by an Earth & Sea Body mud wrap with a hydrating Shea Butter body lotion.1.5 hr | $329


Couples Classic Massage

Designed to address each individual’s needs utilizing different pressures and techniques. Focus is to release tension and knots, creating total relaxation.

1 hr | $198    1.5 hr | $258


Couples Zen Hot Stone Massage

Experience the unique relaxing effect created by hot lava stones. The deep heat releases tension in the muscles and joints, melting stress away.

1 hr | $238    1.5 hr | $298


Couples Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Be transformed as the Himalayan Salt Stones envelope you whole body with peace and tranquility. The Combination of thermal and salt therapy will nourish your body on a cellular level, allowing essential trace minerals and negative ions to absorb while calming your mind, body, and spirit. Smooth rounded stones are heated to perfection and applied with jojoba oil, which is pH balanced naturally for your bodies largest organ, your skin.

1 hr | $258    1.5 hr | $318


Couples Aromatherapy Massage

Combines the soothing and uplifting benefits of unique essential oils with the healing touch of Swedish massage to relax muscles and soothe your spirit.

1 hr | $238    1.5 hr | $298


Couples European Facial

This classic European facial is designed for all skin types. Our own line of Sufii Botanical products are used based on your individual needs.

1 hr | $198


Couples Body Treatment

(your choice of one of the following)

Citrus & Verbena White Blossom Polish

This multi-functional formula is very effective for parched, rough and weathered skin by removing dead skin on the surface, it is followed by a Citrus & Verbena White Blossom Body lotion.


Earth & Sea Body Mud Wrap

A gel wrap made up of a combination of herbal, fruit, and sea extracts plus minerals that provide for a toning, conditioning and tightened skin feel. The aromatic blend of oils provides a soothing and calming effect, followed by Shea Butter body rub.

1 hr | $198


Couples Sufii Signature Pedicure

Relax as we give your feet a classic pedicure with extra pampering, and the attention they are so often denied. Ingredients with essential oils create a refreshing experience, leaving you with a silky smooth feeling.

1 hr | $118

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