A busy and active life can be stressful. Sufii Day Spa located in Orlando, Florida is the best place to erase the stressors of a hectic life. Balancing everyday plans and schedules, no matter if it’s just you,  you and your partner, or a big dynamic family- can be a lot to handle- even if you are on vacation. Sufii Day Spa offers visitors and locals the best spa packages in Orlando.


There are many benefits of choosing a spa package over just one service. Our spa packages are designed to give you or your loved one the ultimate of customized service. It’s okay to splurge every once and a while- especially when it comes to your physical well-being.  

Less stress leads to a happier more balanced life. When you take care of yourself and remove the stress, tension, and problems through relaxation- you emerge as the best version of your self.


Sufii Day Spa proudly offers multiple spa packages – chose the best option for you to receive the ultimate spa experience. Pick one of our many spa packages and you won’t be disappointed with any of them!

Sufii is also unique in that we are one of the few day spas that offer couples services- that means that any of our spa treatments can be performed side by side with you and a loved one.

At Sufii Day Spa, we always strive to go above and beyond with our services and treatments by offering you the best spa day you can have. Book your package today- or call to discuss the right package for you!

At Sufii Day Spa we offer Spa Packages on your favorite treatments- including Facial, Body Treatments, Manicure & Pedicure.

For all bookings please call 407-770-6666 to make a reservation!

Sufii Treatments make the perfect gift in any amount-give the gift of relaxation today!

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